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5 Steps to Papier Mâché

starfish-papier-mache-steps colourTeaching papier mâché this week (and for 5 weeks in the summer) has me updating my handout information on the 5 steps I use in the process. This is primarily for a 3d relief project (see rhinoceroses in previous posts); a project that is flat on one side and meant to be hung on a wall. I did many of these in the schools I worked with for 2 reasons. Working on one side was a time saver and yet the techniques were covered. Easy enough to adapt to a 3d project. Secondly, the projects had a better chance of being displayed once they got home if they hung on the wall. 5 years after one such project (wetland birds) I was visiting a new friend and notice in the downstairs hall a large grey heron; a piece created by her son in my class so many years ago. Was nice to see how his creativity had been acknowledged and honored in such an affirming way. And that the project stood the test of time. I often varnish them as well to protect them afterwards.

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