Upcoming Art Show

This coming Saturday, October 20th, there will be a group art show at Art Spot: Studio and Gallery in Port Moody, BC. I’m quite excited about the show because it’s the grand opening of a new creative space for my area. This is Elham’s vision and so far she’s done wonders with the space. I can see lots of good things happening there.

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Dragonflies of many Hues

There were 3 sets of dragonflies for the commission I was working on; four large, five medium, and six small. This image shows the 6 smallest ones which are 4″ long each and beaded.

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Colourful Dragonflies

Yesterday was the unveiling of the banners for Place des Arts that I’ve been working on all summer. That went well and today I’ve been packing up a series of dragonflies to send to a client. Here is an image of the five medium sized (6″) ones. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed creating the dragonflies and will be continuing to create new ones and set fresh challenges for myself within the context of making dragonflies. I’m imagining that the next one will be created in muted colours to see what I can craft using a different palette.


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Flora and Fauna

Creatures of Coquitlam

In front of Place des Arts stands the Spirit Bear sculpture painted with many images of the flora and fauna of Coquitlam. In a similar vein I wanted a banner that paid tribute to the natural beauty of the environment and the animals that were here before us. Created with my preschool art students in mind it’s a whimsical look at the creatures that have called the area home.

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Maillardville: Past and Present

Maillardville is a community with a rich and multifaceted history that I couldn’t even begin to do justice to in one image. What does stand out for me though is the spirit of the people that has endured the test of time. It’s a place with a deep love for community and music which is brought together every year in the Festival Du Bois. It’s a place with spunk and charm and it is these qualities that I wanted to show in the banner.

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Historical: Mackin House

The Mackin Heritage House, now a historical museum on the Carré Heritage Square Site, was originally built in 1909 for H. J. Mackin, the General Sales Manager for Fraser Mills at the time.  In this banner I hint at the stories to be told inside the Musée by presenting an image of a woman in 1910 clothing style next to an early steamer trunk. The mood of the banner is one of optimism with the image of the parasol setting the time period as well as representing the sun, a symbol for new beginnings.

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Orchard Flowers

Agriculture: Orchard and Farmers Market
In addition to lumber mills and railways, growing food in the warm, wet climate of the BC west coast was, and still is, an important part of living and thriving in BC. Having come from another part of Canada myself I have found the beauty of the trees in spring and the wealth of fresh fruits and vegetables available at the farmers’ markets to be marvelous. It is this sense of beauty and agricultural abundance that I wanted to highlight in this banner.

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