No exhibitions scheduled at this time. 


One response to “Exhibitions

  1. Sharon

    December 21, 2012 at 4:53 am

    Joy… this doll is simply wonderful… I love the many layerings, revealing the journey of life… impossible to find words for her… everything about her speaks to me of our lives.. She is so strong, wearing her battle wounds with pride… I love the set of her arm… purposeful forward motion… her leg has such beauty… all the stitching.
    You won’t remember me but I took a workshop with you several years ago in Calgary(late 1990’s)… a handfull of women above a lovely woman’s giftshop in Sunnnyside. I was so thrilled to be attending. I have been making dolls for as long as I can remember. i loved how you wrapped bits of fabric around wire and pipe cleaners… we spoke of our mutual history of living and growing up in the Maritimes, collecting bits of drfitwood, shells and all manner of things offered up by the sea. You invited me to your home… I loved every moment of that day… you even took a photo of my doll, on a chair with your front door open…
    Recently, I stumbled, was guided to your website… such a wonderful gift to find you again. I’m still creating dolls, wall hangings, sculptural vessels… Back in the Maritimes again… though too far from the sea… but I get there whenever I can. I’m working on a piece at this moment.
    It’s such a gift to find you… your work, your words, your spirit echoed here… thank you so much for the gift of your remarkable vision and creative essence.


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