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Seahorse Sketches

2 seahorse sketches facing left no colourOne more of my seahorse studies from 2011. What is it about seahorse that is so entrancing? My original idea for my sculptural fibre seahorses began with a trip to The Ocean Rider seahorse farm at Kona, Hawaii. Their mandate is to breed seahorses that can live in an aquarium and keep wild seahorses in their natural environment.

Similarly art can be beguiling enough that owning art can substitute for ‘the real thing’. I’m thinking of butterfly collections in the late 1800’s and with the onset of photography and other art forms capturing and pinning butterflies on boards went out of style.

“The butterfly flitting from flower to flower ever remains mine, I lose the one that is netted by me.” Rabindranath Tagore, 1861-1941, Nobel Prize winning Bengali Poet

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3 Heads

3 heads signature acAnother of my sketches from my seahorse drawings. I find photographing the drawings is creating grey tones to the images. I then go in with paint and lighten up areas much like I would with white conte on toned paper. I am careful to leave the original line as is. I enjoy the process and like the results partially because they now resemble etchings, my first art form I learnt in art school.

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Seahorse Sketch

2 Seahorses in SepiaContinuing to peruse through my sketchbooks I’ve come across a series of sketches of seahorses I did a couple of years ago. It’s always illuminating to look at my work again after a time away. It would be wonderful to find an excuse to get back to drawing and making fibre art seahorses in the near future.

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Seahorse with Starfish

seahorse with starfishThese two independently created pieces came together in my studio and I liked how well they worked together. The orange starfish really brings out the orange in Trumpet the Seahorse. I’ll be curious to see what else makes it’s way into a slowly unfolding, undersea diorama.


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Hycroft Exhibit

HycroftEvite_v1Looking forward to tomorrow and  the opening of an exhibit of select pieces of my art work at the Gallery at Hycroft in Vancouver.

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Little Seahorse

0 Kim's seahorseThis is my latest fibre art project, a little seahorse (in a 6″ circle) that is meant to hang on the wall. It’s created for someone very dear to me. I was thinking of the fragility of life and the meaning behind the words care and cherish.

A few lines from Bruce Cockburn’s song Little Seahorse from over 3 decades ago came floating back to me: Little seahorse swimming in a primal sea. 

It’s interesting how creating with another in mind seems to really get my creativity sparked up, more so than when I’m working on a project with no endpoint in mind.

For 2013 I am also hoping to finish up and rework neglected pieces that need completion and resolving. This little seahorse is the first artwork created in that way.


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Little Blue Seahorse

2b-Kirkwood-Blue Seahorse, closeupA fibre seahorse in blue. He’s perched on a piece of driftwood that is stained with blue acrylic and makes it look like he’s on top of a house. He has a far away look as if he’s getting ready to go on a journey, but not quite yet.

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