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Seahorse Sketches 2016

2-seahorse-drawing-21-seahorse-drawing-2Lots of rain where I live right now, and finally a bit of free time again; to draw a bit. Watching videos of seahorses and sketching them was a nice way to spend an hour last night. Here are two of my pencil crayon drawings with aquarelle pencil crayons added for colour.

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Starfish Studies in Ink

Starfish ink and stickBack to drawing with ink and stick. Have been teaching this technique to my students lately and it’s always freeing and intriguing. So simple but unpredictable. Have to always remember that picking up more ink means that the next mark you make will be darker than those to follow. Instead of drawing the shape in a linear fashion you need to jump from area to area, working from the dark to the light. Colour is put on lightly with chalk pastel. The contrast between the ink and the chalk enhances the image.

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Seahorse Box

yellow seahorse box, 1 front viewyellow seahorse box, 2 - 3 sided viewyellow seahorse box 7Been updating one of my wee seahorse boxes today. Front, top, and sides are painted and the back is a sculptural seahorse across the open box which has a starfish charm and the drawing of a seahorse inside. 4″ X 3″ X 1.5″.

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5 Steps to Papier Mâché

starfish-papier-mache-steps colourTeaching papier mâché this week (and for 5 weeks in the summer) has me updating my handout information on the 5 steps I use in the process. This is primarily for a 3d relief project (see rhinoceroses in previous posts); a project that is flat on one side and meant to be hung on a wall. I did many of these in the schools I worked with for 2 reasons. Working on one side was a time saver and yet the techniques were covered. Easy enough to adapt to a 3d project. Secondly, the projects had a better chance of being displayed once they got home if they hung on the wall. 5 years after one such project (wetland birds) I was visiting a new friend and notice in the downstairs hall a large grey heron; a piece created by her son in my class so many years ago. Was nice to see how his creativity had been acknowledged and honored in such an affirming way. And that the project stood the test of time. I often varnish them as well to protect them afterwards.

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Burgundy Seahorse

seahorse facing R acseahorse facing L acFinished the first seahorse of 2014 but not sure yet what is the best way to display it. Meanwhile here are two pictures of the art piece from both sides. No name yet but I am pondering. Burgundy is the working name while I think about it.

As much as I enjoy creating seahorses the type of art work  I make follows the direction of my teaching and right now the ongoing and upcoming classes include: papier mâché for teens and adults, drawing to watercolour, and creating and drawing dragonflies.

The seahorses seem to have become the ‘in-between’ art making I go to when I’m not teaching art classes.

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PoMo Kaleidoscope - SeahorseCleaning up, restructuring, looking ahead to teaching in 2014 has left little time for creating new work at the moment. What I have done is rearrange early works by creating niches to take them from 3d sculpture to 3d relief, thus giving them a setting Trumpet top view compressed and the ability to display them on the wall. First example is Trumpet the seahorse presented alone and in a frame.

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4 Seahorses

4 swimming seahorses ppThe last of my seahorse drawings from my sketchbook. Time to checkout a few of the other books and see what images are there to rediscover and muse upon.

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