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Pentecost Celebration

doves in a tree ppdoves on a limbThis year for Pentecost in the foyer of the church we set up a display of doves flying in a tree with green leaves and a banner of flames in the back. Buoyant, alive, playful… I felt the arrangement reflected the spirit of the day. The shadows added another dimension to the grouping.

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5 Steps to Papier Mâché

starfish-papier-mache-steps colourTeaching papier mâché this week (and for 5 weeks in the summer) has me updating my handout information on the 5 steps I use in the process. This is primarily for a 3d relief project (see rhinoceroses in previous posts); a project that is flat on one side and meant to be hung on a wall. I did many of these in the schools I worked with for 2 reasons. Working on one side was a time saver and yet the techniques were covered. Easy enough to adapt to a 3d project. Secondly, the projects had a better chance of being displayed once they got home if they hung on the wall. 5 years after one such project (wetland birds) I was visiting a new friend and notice in the downstairs hall a large grey heron; a piece created by her son in my class so many years ago. Was nice to see how his creativity had been acknowledged and honored in such an affirming way. And that the project stood the test of time. I often varnish them as well to protect them afterwards.

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Summer Fun Classes – Coquitlam BC

I will be part of Summer Fun at Place des Arts in Coquitlam for children ages 5-14 in July and August, 2014. Parents can choose which week works best for them and enroll their child in 1 or up to 6 classes a day. Classes run for 5 days or 4 on holiday weeks. There are many teachers and classes to choose from. I’ll be teaching 4 art classes over the 6 weeks so if one week doesn’t work then students can choose another. From July 7 to August 8, 2014 I’ll be teaching  ‘Build a Bug’ (papier mâché) and ‘Printmaking M.E.S.S’ (basics) for 5-7 olds. For ages 8-12 there will be the popular ‘Papier Mâché Creature Shop’ class. Love seeing what animal or imaginary creature they create! I will end the summer with ‘Art Journaling’ for older youth (11-14) August 11-15.
The classes fill up quickly (registration has started) so if you are interested in enrolling your child check out: to register. Images below are my own examples I use for teaching:

1 red and black dragonflyart project acPainting Watercolour StarfishKangaroo with signature

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Easter Tree in it’s Entirety

Easter Tree blog Easter Tree closeupThe Tree is up and it was a wonderfully collaborative experience.

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backlit leavesThe Easter egg tree leaves are complete. The structure is 22g cotton covered florist wire bent into a leaf shape with 26g wire wiggle waggle pattern inset into the main shape. Assorted papers in green and yellow were papier mâchéd on both sides and over the edges with the wire sandwiched in between. Here they are drying in the sun on my front steps.

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Easter Egg Tree

Empty Egg Egg Tree partsMany years ago when I was barely 20 and helping out with a church craft project, someone had brought in blown out eggs for the children to decorate with markers. Needless to say it was a frustrating experience with many broken bits everywhere. I went home and tried papier mâching with tissue paper and discovered that about 3 layers did the job. I’ve never looked back and have found over the years there are endless 3d art objects I can make using papered egg shells.  Here’s the latest project; leaves and eggs being created to make an Easter egg tree.

More pictures to come of the finished project once it is completed.

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In the Studio

dragonfly on board in art roomJA Kirkwood dragonfly Recently I was gifted with an assortment of very fine, small pieces of wood. This is especially timely as in the spring I’ll be teaching a mixed media, acrylics on wood class and the wood is giving me a chance to experiment. In the image taken in the art room the bits that were used to create the piece are scattered around: a pencil crayon to draw the initial sketch, bits of the kozo paper that was collaged on to the wood, paint tubes, and a sharpened stick which is my favourite drawing tool for adding lines and details.

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