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Flight Unfolding

doll as Spring acThe dolls are back! They wax and wane in my life and I’m enjoying their reemergence in my art. The recent ones are part of my ongoing ‘Treasure Keeper Series’ which are about sorting though my memories and then my feelings about the memories. I made a companion piece for this doll and not until this morning did I realize I had created Spring and Autumn. There’s more to explore with theses two latest dolls (paintings to create) but for now here’s where I’m at; one doll complete, the other 99% done and two small paintings to go.

PS: Update. These figures are fluid in nature. The idea of spring and autumn wasn’t quite accurate. Rather it is winged and rooted that is the more accurate sentiment behind the two companion pieces.

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Doll Art and Companion Piece

2 Joy A. Kirkwood-Woven In-8X4X4-mixed media fibre artNight Garden acrylic painting-printmakingA recently finished fibre art doll work called “Woven In’ led me to create a companion painting. I started by projecting the shadow of the fibre art piece onto a canvas and tracing the image. Then I worked into the painting intuitively to see what would emerge. The finished painting is called “Night Garden” and was a delight and a surprise to me! Both pieces are my thoughts and feelings about my place in a family that is both blessed and burdened by loved ones struggling with a mental disorder. Blessing because they are two of the most gentle, sensitive, interesting people I know and they are a gift in my life. Conversations with them are like spending time in a night garden where the beauty is subtle and life here is more about feeling than appearances.

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TAGOR Dragonfly workshop

Last weekend I spent Saturday in Richmond BC, teaching a dragonfly makingBeaded Dragonfly outside 5 workshop to an amazing group of fibre artists there: Textile Artists Guild of Richmond or TAGOR.

My sample is the green dragonfly.

There were details to be finished at home and so far three images have come my way. I am thrilled with the results! Linda designed her dragonfly for a wall quilt and Moreen created a natural environment reminiscent of a Zen garden for her dragonfly. Freda’s dragonfly is waiting for more embellishments to show off the beautifully embroidered wings.

dragonfly Tagor linda wall quilt 2a cropdragonfly Tagor workshop Moreen signedIt’s amazing to see how personal and unique each dragonfly is turning out to be!

dragonfly Tagor Freda white background

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Pentecost Celebration

doves in a tree ppdoves on a limbThis year for Pentecost in the foyer of the church we set up a display of doves flying in a tree with green leaves and a banner of flames in the back. Buoyant, alive, playful… I felt the arrangement reflected the spirit of the day. The shadows added another dimension to the grouping.

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Tag, You’re It!

Tag banner one aTag banner preschool close up signedBanners are filling up at Place des Arts! Each person creates their own tag (ink and stick, print, or collage) and then they are added to the community banners. It’s a way to put into visual form Place des Art’s belief that we inspire the artist in everyone! The closeup is a work of art by a preschool student. the artworks created by the youngest students are so full of energy and vitality.

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Tag, You’re It!

Tag Info for GSLOnly a few weeks to finish preparations for an upcoming community Art Show, Tag – You’re It! at Place des Arts. There will be empty banners that will fill up with individually designed Tags (drawing, printing, and/or collage). Will also be working with schools, preschool, and teens to fill up the banners. One of them will become a permanent display in the atrium at Place des Arts.

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Moss Green Dragonfly

raw sienna and mossy green dragonflyMy latest dragonfly!

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