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Tree Study

ink-and-stick-treePreparing to teach next week means looking through my images and choosing which ones to share with students. First class is on ‘mark making’. This tree, drawn with ink and a stick, is an example of the organic and raw quality that drawing with a sharpened stick can bring to an image.

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TAGOR Dragonfly workshop

Last weekend I spent Saturday in Richmond BC, teaching a dragonfly makingBeaded Dragonfly outside 5 workshop to an amazing group of fibre artists there: Textile Artists Guild of Richmond or TAGOR.

My sample is the green dragonfly.

There were details to be finished at home and so far three images have come my way. I am thrilled with the results! Linda designed her dragonfly for a wall quilt and Moreen created a natural environment reminiscent of a Zen garden for her dragonfly. Freda’s dragonfly is waiting for more embellishments to show off the beautifully embroidered wings.

dragonfly Tagor linda wall quilt 2a cropdragonfly Tagor workshop Moreen signedIt’s amazing to see how personal and unique each dragonfly is turning out to be!

dragonfly Tagor Freda white background

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Moss Green Dragonfly

raw sienna and mossy green dragonflyMy latest dragonfly!

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Colourful Dragonfly

Dragonfly watercolourHave dragonflies on my mind this week. While I finish up my latest fibre art dragonfly (will post when completed) thought I’d post a photo of a drawing/watercolour from two years ago that I had in my art journal.

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Misty Green

2 Beaded Dragonfly 42My latest dragonfly creation is finished! 8″ wing span on a 6″ body. ‘Misty Green’ because of the colours of the wing. Wire and wrap techniques using ribbon fabrics. Beads on body for embellishment. Copper legs are new. I like the effect. In nature a dragonfly is a first class predator and has a 95% success rate when hunting. They know what they are after and how to get it. Their strength and longevity (been on the earth a long time) fascinates me.

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Cat with a Grin

Joy Kirkwood's Cat with a Grin in treeIt’s been such a busy summer! Two weddings and then 6 weeks of teaching Summer Art classes. No time to blog until now. One of the classes focused on papier mâché animals (ages 8-12) and as a demo I began, and finished, ‘Cat with a Grin’. He is the first in a series of papier mâché works that I’m creating based on colourful drawings of imaginary creatures drawn by my oldest son when he was 8. This picture was one of many taken of him in a tree. The garnet and gold colours he wears are Mount A colours, the university in NB where I graduated from.

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Summer Fun Classes – Coquitlam BC

I will be part of Summer Fun at Place des Arts in Coquitlam for children ages 5-14 in July and August, 2014. Parents can choose which week works best for them and enroll their child in 1 or up to 6 classes a day. Classes run for 5 days or 4 on holiday weeks. There are many teachers and classes to choose from. I’ll be teaching 4 art classes over the 6 weeks so if one week doesn’t work then students can choose another. From July 7 to August 8, 2014 I’ll be teaching  ‘Build a Bug’ (papier mâché) and ‘Printmaking M.E.S.S’ (basics) for 5-7 olds. For ages 8-12 there will be the popular ‘Papier Mâché Creature Shop’ class. Love seeing what animal or imaginary creature they create! I will end the summer with ‘Art Journaling’ for older youth (11-14) August 11-15.
The classes fill up quickly (registration has started) so if you are interested in enrolling your child check out: to register. Images below are my own examples I use for teaching:

1 red and black dragonflyart project acPainting Watercolour StarfishKangaroo with signature

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