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To be a Tree

Tree info 1????????????????????????????

Two of my ‘how to draw a tree’ handouts that I give to my students. And an unfinished painting of a tree in blue. I never tire of drawing trees!

4-Kirkwood-Gnarled Blue Tree

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Love for Another

Love for Another

Love for Another

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Doll Art and Companion Piece

2 Joy A. Kirkwood-Woven In-8X4X4-mixed media fibre artNight Garden acrylic painting-printmakingA recently finished fibre art doll work called “Woven In’ led me to create a companion painting. I started by projecting the shadow of the fibre art piece onto a canvas and tracing the image. Then I worked into the painting intuitively to see what would emerge. The finished painting is called “Night Garden” and was a delight and a surprise to me! Both pieces are my thoughts and feelings about my place in a family that is both blessed and burdened by loved ones struggling with a mental disorder. Blessing because they are two of the most gentle, sensitive, interesting people I know and they are a gift in my life. Conversations with them are like spending time in a night garden where the beauty is subtle and life here is more about feeling than appearances.

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Colour Wheel Snowflake

Colour wheel as a Snowflake My acrylic class for adults at Place des Arts in Coquitlam is fast approaching. In preparation I am gathering together the materials and one of them is a colour wheel using the paints they will be working with.

This unusual use of a snowflake came about after Christmas last year. As I walked by the snowflakes on sale, I had a eureka moment when I realized they were perfect for teaching colour theory on. I took a few home and primed them white with gesso and then added colour.

I like how primary, secondary, and tertiary are present in this formation. Trust an artist to see a snowflake in multi-colour!

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Butterfly Painting

butterfly paint brushButterfly 2 at Painted church Spent a few hours on Saturday creating a small acrylic butterfly painting for a young couple and their first child, a girl. Here’s an image of the painting and the reference photograph that I took when on a visit to Hawaii a few years back.

Much of it involved glazing techniques which created a luminosity that I was hoping for. For example; for the green I started with a bright turquoise background and then painted yellow on top. Same with butterfly: red and pink with yellow layers on top to create orange.

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Seahorse Box

yellow seahorse box, 1 front viewyellow seahorse box, 2 - 3 sided viewyellow seahorse box 7Been updating one of my wee seahorse boxes today. Front, top, and sides are painted and the back is a sculptural seahorse across the open box which has a starfish charm and the drawing of a seahorse inside. 4″ X 3″ X 1.5″.

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Kauai Painting

Hawaiian blue treeFelt sure I had posted this image before but couldn’t locate it on my blog. It’s a painting composed from images from our visit in 2012 to Kauai. The red earth mountains, the lush jungle like foliage, the Nene… I’m often asked about the blue tree. Not exactly as seen but as felt. The trees were ethereal. I’ll now post two photographs of the actual trees to see my reference points. Hawaii 2012 173Hawaii 2012 141

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