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Creative People Showing

Creative People ShowingThree of my doll pieces: Vasilisa and her Doll, Baba Yaga the Odd and Star Maidens Arrival will be part of the show.

Have a few other group art shows coming up early fall that I’m preparing for now. Will post images once they are done.


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TAGOR Dragonfly workshop

Last weekend I spent Saturday in Richmond BC, teaching a dragonfly makingBeaded Dragonfly outside 5 workshop to an amazing group of fibre artists there: Textile Artists Guild of Richmond or TAGOR.

My sample is the green dragonfly.

There were details to be finished at home and so far three images have come my way. I am thrilled with the results! Linda designed her dragonfly for a wall quilt and Moreen created a natural environment reminiscent of a Zen garden for her dragonfly. Freda’s dragonfly is waiting for more embellishments to show off the beautifully embroidered wings.

dragonfly Tagor linda wall quilt 2a cropdragonfly Tagor workshop Moreen signedIt’s amazing to see how personal and unique each dragonfly is turning out to be!

dragonfly Tagor Freda white background

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