Christmas Cactus

07 Dec

christmas cactusArtsy Christmas Cactus Christmas Cactus in the art roomIt’s almost winter and for once my Christmas cactus is blooming like never before! There’s a back story to my flourishing plant: In late spring, after five years of next to no flowers (once in awhile a few in July) and getting spindlier and sadder, I finally gave up on it. I put it outside in the garden, in its pot, to fend for itself. But without me really noticing it began to come back and by early November it was full of buds so I brought it back inside. Though, afraid to give it too much attention, I put it in the art room in the basement where it’s cooler and with a big window. It loves it there and is full of life and blossoms! Also does my heart good every time I see it when I go down to the studio to create.

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