Mother, Dreamer, Poet

26 Sep

Mom in the Woods with words Tomorrow is an open house @ Port Moody Arts Centre, Port Moody BC. To prepare I’ve been working on a ‘Stories to Tell’ piece to showcase the mixed media,visual storytelling class for those aged 50+. (Mentioned in blog below) The work is to be a small, tabletop, triptych collage centering on my Mom, her poems, and a poignant series of letters she wrote to me in 1985. It’s a work in progress so for now I’ll simply post the picture of Mom I’m using in the collage along with her poem ‘WHEN’.

I’ll forget you when my heart no longer speaks your name
When Roses don’t need sunshine, and Violets don’t need rain
I’ll forget you when this world has no more need of love
When the Sun and moon and Stars no longer shine above
Until then —
I’ll just keep loving you, Tho it’s all in vain
It seems my heart just can’t let go –
Of the magic that’s your name!

© Shirley Ann Wood

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