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Plant Shadows

paint brush shadows ac2Cleaning out and organizing in my galley art space today. Noticed that the sun is making shadows on the wall; rather like a subdued tonal kaleidoscope with subtle movements. This image I altered a bit in paint program to enhance it’s inherent painterly qualities. Photographing shadows is a simple exercise but very artistically satisfying. Enough of an art break for now. Time to get back to organizing!

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Bleeding Heart

bleeding heart backyardThe bleeding heart flower always brings back memories of my Grandmother Wood’s garden in Nova Scotia. Last year my gardener sister came to visit and we planted a bush in my yard. It’s up and doing well and giving me such pleasure to see it there.

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Easter Tree in it’s Entirety

Easter Tree blog Easter Tree closeupThe Tree is up and it was a wonderfully collaborative experience.

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backlit leavesThe Easter egg tree leaves are complete. The structure is 22g cotton covered florist wire bent into a leaf shape with 26g wire wiggle waggle pattern inset into the main shape. Assorted papers in green and yellow were papier mâchéd on both sides and over the edges with the wire sandwiched in between. Here they are drying in the sun on my front steps.

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Easter Egg Tree

Empty Egg Egg Tree partsMany years ago when I was barely 20 and helping out with a church craft project, someone had brought in blown out eggs for the children to decorate with markers. Needless to say it was a frustrating experience with many broken bits everywhere. I went home and tried papier mâching with tissue paper and discovered that about 3 layers did the job. I’ve never looked back and have found over the years there are endless 3d art objects I can make using papered egg shells.  Here’s the latest project; leaves and eggs being created to make an Easter egg tree.

More pictures to come of the finished project once it is completed.

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