How Nice to Have a Hobby

19 Feb

Nice to have hobby-1 invite alteredNice to have hobby-invite altered03a-Joy Kirkwood-Star Maiden's Arrival-16X6X1in-mixed media-2013 signedYesterday I dropped off five pieces for the show ‘How Nice to have a Hobby’. The opening is this coming Saturday from 1 to 4 and I look forward to seeing how other artists approached the theme.

The first thing I notice is that my work is smaller. It always is. Size matters in our culture and I’m often asked can I make my work bigger? I could but those who ask are missing the point. Inspiration for my free form fibre figures comes from Neolithic and pre-dynasty Egyptian small figures often called Venus or Goddess figurines. I am not consciously copying the work or making goddess figures but it is the idea of small, hand held forms that can be carried from place to place that fascinates me. Large sculpture that claims space and are too big to move came into being over time. Small scale sculpture works well for nomadic cultures and setting up the figurine in a new location is to claim sacred space there and to give a focal point to worship.

I aim to create work that is intimate in nature, more introvert than extrovert in what it has to say. With the details and small scale of my art you have to stop and pay attention, invest time in looking at it. My work does not stand on a street corner shouting loudly but sits in a niche, whispering, inviting the onlooker to come closer. You need to slow down and take time to appreciate small scale work. I think it’s why in an exhibit it is the kids who are drawn to my work first and then the adults follow suit. The scale, colour, and uniqueness appeals to the child’s sensibilities.

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