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Kauai Painting

Hawaiian blue treeFelt sure I had posted this image before but couldn’t locate it on my blog. It’s a painting composed from images from our visit in 2012 to Kauai. The red earth mountains, the lush jungle like foliage, the Nene… I’m often asked about the blue tree. Not exactly as seen but as felt. The trees were ethereal. I’ll now post two photographs of the actual trees to see my reference points. Hawaii 2012 173Hawaii 2012 141

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Knot revisted

Knot  Imagining this painting as a 2 by 4 feet painting.

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Revisting the Seekers

2011The SeekersClose up paint brushRevisiting an artwork from 2011, ‘The Seekers’, a 2 by 4 foot painting of assorted figures as imagined in a landscape of time. The close-up is of one particular figure that I like because of the feeling of light on them as they appear and disappear into their surroundings.

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