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Merry Christmas!

Nativity 1994-2013cMerry Christmas and a Blessed New Year to all my friends and family! Back in 1995, Alexander was 4, we spent Advent working on a Nativity set. 18 years later it’s still a treasured possession. The best part is it is kid friendly and children who come to visit are encouraged to play with it. Maybe this is the year I add the camel?Holy Family

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PoMo Kaleidoscope - SeahorseCleaning up, restructuring, looking ahead to teaching in 2014 has left little time for creating new work at the moment. What I have done is rearrange early works by creating niches to take them from 3d sculpture to 3d relief, thus giving them a setting Trumpet top view compressed and the ability to display them on the wall. First example is Trumpet the seahorse presented alone and in a frame.

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Creativity at Rest

05a_Joy Kirkwood_Creativity at Rest_20X10X1_mixed media_201305b_Joy Kirkwood_Creativity at Rest_close-up_20X10X1_mixed media_2013Creativity at Rest is a spontaneous paring of an unresolved doll with an unresolved abstract painting and together they ‘worked’. I especially enjoy how placing the doll in the middle of the painting brought out elements I hadn’t seen before and gave a dreamy Degas’ Waterlilies feel to the art.

Some of the objects used in this doll include: a covered stone for her face, a crystal placed at heart centre, copper mesh for her body, and lots of rainbow fabric, ribbons, and stitching to bring it all together.


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December 1

Star acrylics on paperHard to believe it’s December 1st already! Two weeks left of the adult acrylics class and then I look ahead to Acrylics on Paper, Wednesdays from 7 to 9 PM starting January 15, 2014 at Place des Arts in Coquitlam. Searching through my files for pictures of acrylics on paper I realize many of those images have yet to be photographed. I did find a mixed media illustration of mine of the Christmas Star and felt it works well for December 1st – the beginning of Advent. ‘Light in the Darkness’ is the theme of so many festivals and ceremonies this time of year.

Acrylics on Paper: “Learn foundational drawing skills and using acrylics as water media. Oriental brush techniques and use of stenciling and other printmaking techniques for illustrative effects are just a few of the possibilities you will explore in this highly experimental painting class. All works will be created on watercolour paper.”

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