Dancer Doll (unfinished)

24 Nov

??????????????????????Yesterday I facilitated my ‘Art of the Doll’ workshop at Place des Arts. It was a small workshop but absolutely wonderful. I’ve had quite a few small doll making workshops lately and the gatherings of between 2-4 are intimate, warm, bonding, and memorable. With a small group there is easy conversation and lots of laughter as the dolls ‘evolve’. I teach a technique but the dolls have a mind of their own so what they actually turn out like is a surprise to everyone; including the maker.

This image is one of my art-dolls not yet finished. The wire armature is complete with the foam having been wrapped around the wire (acts as sinew/muscle for the figure). The fabric strips have been added though one arm (forefront) is not yet covered and still shows the under-foam. Yet to add: more fabric, hair, head, and embellishments to bring out it’s personality. In this case her long circling right arm makes me wonder what is she holding? Or is there something draped over her arm? It’s fun to tease these things out as I create. Last is presentation; what kind of base? Or is she to be twirling in a circle? Or? These decisions are fun to make and all part of the process.

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