Serious Fun

24 Oct

Bird on a Rhinorhino and bird painthappy girlThis blog will be a wee rant on the word ‘fun’. Where I live, anytime I mention I am an artist and that I teach, the response is almost always: “Fun!” or “That must be fun” or a 100 other sentences with the word ‘fun’ in it. I’m not denying the fact that my work has an element of joy and satisfaction, and on occasion ‘fun’ but generally; not so much. My work provides no security, I have to find my own work, I move constantly from place to place and more often than not have to figure out how to present my classes in the best way possible in places with out proper facilities. In a worst case scenario I was teaching 5 different art forms (drawing, collage, painting, printmaking, papier mâché) to 5 classes of 30 (150 children) in a day – without running water – in a hallway.

There’s a lot of research to what I do, courses I take to enhance my art and teaching abilities, materials to buy, a ton of preparation to each project, transporting the materials to the location, setup, teach, take down, back into the car and home again to start all over the next week.

Early this morning, thinking about the word fun, I decided to change tactics and embrace the word for awhile and see where it took me. A little girl in my class had drawn a ‘happy girl’ picture for me so I did a 4″ by 4″ painting inspired by her drawing… and did find that rather fun. Then I did another ‘fun’ painting of the ‘Rhino and Bird’ sculpture that I rather like as well. We’ll see how long this ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’ phase lasts. At least I’m feeling less cranky about the whole ‘fun-fun-happy-happy’ thing I run into on a regular basis.

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Posted by on October 24, 2013 in acrylics, mixed media, papier mâchè


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