Mark Making Workshop

22 Oct

leaf print and wire acleaf drawing ac

On Saturday I presented a variation of my mark-making workshop to a group of women from my church at the annual retreat at Cedar Springs Retreat Centre which is tucked into the side of Sumas Mountain in Washington, U.S.  I emphasized the meditative, contemplative possibilities inherent in making art when the focus is kept on art as a process and we pay no heed to the product side of the equation. This is easier said than done but some of the tools to help bring this about include: using nature as inspiration (leaves, flowers…), blind contour drawing (NEVER look at the paper while you draw!) and use drawing materials that are unorthodox (i.e. sharpened stick and ink).

I had a chance to create myself after the workshop and these two works are the result. In the yellow and purple piece I drew in wire and painted it yellow before gluing it on to the blind contour and print, mixed media art piece. The one in red and purple happened serendipitously as it was where I had placed the leaf when taking a print of it and the empty space created was an invitation to bring a stick and ink drawing into the space.

Spending time walking in nature, drawing in response, and making new friends made for a wonderful, memorable weekend.

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Posted by on October 22, 2013 in drawings, mixed media


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