Coming and Going

17 Oct

Dragonfly WorldBeaded Dragonfly on BlueToday I am posting a close up of my ‘Dragonfly World’ painting and an image of another recently finished dragonfly piece, ‘Beaded Dragonfly on Blue’. The images are deceptive in that they are different sizes (10″ sq vs 4″ sq)  but I like how they look together. My dragonfly paintings are taking on a life of their own and are becoming bold in colour and stained glass like in their appearance. I like this shift in style. It starts with lots of random colours spread over the canvas and then painting the dragonflies on top while letting some of the original bright colours work their way through. I think it’s a style that could work on any scale and I am toying with the idea of a wall sized piece – which would be a real departure for me in size. Protodonta (dragonfly ancestor) were huge in the Palaeozoic period with wingspans up to 28″ across so having paintings in the same scale or bigger could be interesting.

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Posted by on October 17, 2013 in acrylics, dragonflies


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