Dragonfly World

15 Oct

Dragonfly World on easelI ‘finished’ (are they ever finished?) a 10″ X 10″ acrylic painting over the weekend. Here is a picture of my ‘Dragonfly World’ painting; still on the easel in the studio. A lot of paintings of dragonflies tend to be lyrical and soft and here is mine; in a dive-bomber position with bright, garish colours all around and in general a deep intensity about it instead of the peacefulness, beauty, light, and joy that many associate with the dragonfly. There are moments where dragonflies are at rest but that is only half the story. A perfunctory perusal of the scientific sites on the internet show that first and foremost, a dragonfly is a first class predator. They are extremely adept at capturing prey and have a 95% success rate when hunting. They know what they are after and how to get it. Another aspect of dragonflies I am in awe of is their longevity and adaptability to the world around them. Their ancestors, called Protodonta, were some of the first winged insects on the earth around 300 million years ago.

With all of this scientific information in mind I feel the strength and passion in this painting captures something of the reality the dragonfly inhabits. How would they see their world? These are some of the thoughts that made their way into my mind as I worked and ultimately effected the outcome of the painting.

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Posted by on October 15, 2013 in acrylics, dragonflies


One response to “Dragonfly World

  1. Maria

    October 15, 2013 at 11:31 am

    Wow!! Wonderful painting! It has so much power!! Congrats 🙂


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