Young Sea Turtle

07 Oct

sea turtle values heightenedMy latest paintings are being worked to a set size: 10″x10″. The square format can be difficult to work with because it’s hard to balance or create a sense of directed movement as the elements will be very still or have a tendency to spin. This works if it’s an abstract or a mandala but a challenge otherwise.

In this case I have two shapes (fish in background and turtle in front) going in opposite directions and this tension between directions creates a sense of movement in balance which is aesthetically appealing. Also my painting is of an underwater universe and the square format adds to the floating, suspended feel I wanted for the picture.

The back story to the picture is that two years ago I had a chance to snorkel among the fish in Hawaii (a dream come true) and I remember a sign telling us to keep our distance from the turtles. I tried to comply but it seems they forgot to tell the turtles because a young sea turtle was very curious about me! It was a wonderful experience to see a turtle close up. This painting is done from a photograph I took of a sea turtle in an aquarium while remembering my encounter with a real one.
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Posted by on October 7, 2013 in acrylics


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