Gospel Jazz

30 Sep

11b Jazz Gospel Night1 Jazz Gospel Night6b Jazz Gospel Night15b Jazz Gospel NightLast Friday night I attended a Gospel Night Concert with Deborah Ledon and her band at Brentwood Presbyterian church in Burnaby, BC. It was indescribably moving. I drew most of the night in my small sketch book and enjoyed how the jazz elements of the evening seeped their way into my drawing style. Mostly gesture drawing, part blind contour, the line drawings shown here are of each of the 4 members of the group. After photographing the images and saving them in my computer I was able to add a tonal quality by erasing shadowed areas using the paint program. The singer was the hardest to catch in line and it is ironic that the image that came closest was the one that didn’t show details of her face but focused on her body language. If you live in the Vancouver mainland and want a real musical treat one night I’d highly recommend going to any event where Deborah and her band are performing.

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