Spider Webs

16 Sep

3 Spider Web radius threads5 Spider Web sticky spiral threadsspider web #1

In the summer I designed a spider web art project for A Rocha’s summer camp (ages 6 to 12). Though I didn’t use the art project after all it came back to mind while on an early morning walk and seeing  a multitude of spider webs everywhere! (See photo below)

PROJECT: The base is a piece of heavy-duty recycled cardboard, painted black. The branches are
torn newspaper strips pressed onto white glue which was put down wherever I wanted branches to go. I drew in the radiating lines (dry threads for the spider to get around on) with a white pencil crayon (free hand or with a ruler). I put in the ‘wet’ spiraling webs with a fine brush & white paint (thin silver marker or crayon would work as well) and then sprinkled on silver glitter while the paint was wet. All that is need now is to add on a spider!

Note: The scientific Information for the spider spinning web project came from a great video:

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Posted by on September 16, 2013 in mixed media, photographs


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