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While taking a break from studying for an Old Testament mid-term exam I thought I’d post pictures of these leaves that I found outside my door. It was my friend Joy who drew my attention to their beauty. It was a good reminder for it is the spiritual practice of attentiveness that I’ve been paying lip service to this month but struggle to have time for on a daily basis.

I’m reading Thomas Merton’s book, New Seeds of Contemplation, and feel one of his thoughts would fit in well here: “The forms and individual characters of living and growing things, of inanimate beings, of animals and flowers and all nature, constitute their holiness in the sight of God. Their inscape is their sanctity. It is the imprint of God’s wisdom and God’s reality in them…The leaf has its own texture and its own pattern of veins and its own holy shape...

In my time in theology classes, however long or short this season of study will be, it is the process of art as a spiritual practice and the myriad of forms that may take (attentiveness, gratitude, play, and delight…) that I explore. Finding out more about others like Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Thomas Merton and the paths they’ve walked has been a real gift in this season of my life.

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Fibre Art Dragonfly

One of my latest dragonflies created all in wire and fibre.

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Light of a Candle

I’m enrolled in a Spiritual Practice class at Regent College on the UBC campus that I’m finding very illuminating. An image of my candle holder on my window ledge at 6 AM is  a visual metaphor for me of this feeling and a way to bring image to my spiritual practice (as well as reading, drawing, and journaling).

I took several images at different times of the rising dawn. This first image shows the light reflected in the glass and it appears as if the light is beside itself or another candle glowing in the distance. For me it’s an image to meditate upon for awhile.

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Upcoming Art Show

This coming Saturday, October 20th, there will be a group art show at Art Spot: Studio and Gallery in Port Moody, BC. I’m quite excited about the show because it’s the grand opening of a new creative space for my area. This is Elham’s vision and so far she’s done wonders with the space. I can see lots of good things happening there.

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Dragonflies of many Hues

There were 3 sets of dragonflies for the commission I was working on; four large, five medium, and six small. This image shows the 6 smallest ones which are 4″ long each and beaded.

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Colourful Dragonflies

Yesterday was the unveiling of the banners for Place des Arts that I’ve been working on all summer. That went well and today I’ve been packing up a series of dragonflies to send to a client. Here is an image of the five medium sized (6″) ones. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed creating the dragonflies and will be continuing to create new ones and set fresh challenges for myself within the context of making dragonflies. I’m imagining that the next one will be created in muted colours to see what I can craft using a different palette.


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