06 Sep

Place des Arts BANNER PROJECT 2012

The objective of the banner project was to create banner art to continue to beautify the Carré Heritage Square Site, to draw attention to the history of the area, and to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Place des Arts. I designed the banners and we had 6-7 group sessions where members of the public and special groups in the area were invited to paint on the banners and (early on) add input to the colours and designs to be used.

I’ve had lots of queries about the banners so with that in mind I’ll post an image and description every few days until all 12 are up.

1. Place des Arts: Outside

Place des Arts is a multifaceted arts centre and it’s the warmth, creativity, and spirit of the place that I wish to emphasize. In my original photographs I could see a fish shape forming in the clouds above the building. This bit of serendipity led me to place the Place des Arts Fish symbol in the clouds above the Arts Centre as a focal point for this banner.

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