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Tree in Spring

Similar to the Crowsnest piece I used a geometric style in this watercolour that was created on location in my neighbourhood. My self imposed challenge was to see how much information I could get across in a picture with the least amount of mark-making. If you can tell it’s spring (small leaves, green grass), that the sun was shining (blue sky), and that I live in a area surrounded by mountains (yellow ochre zigzag in the back) then I’ve been successful.

To create details and texture I used a dark brown ink on top of the loosely painted in big shapes of land, sky, tree, and mountains. I also used a sharpened stick from my backyard to draw with. Using a stick gives such immediacy and life to a picture that it’s become my main tool when using ink in a picture. It will also be one of the techniques I’ll be teaching in my upcoming Balance of Art class to be held at Coast Collective in September.

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