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Papier-Mâché Creature Shop

It’s a busy time in the Kirkwood studio. Preparing for upcoming Spring classes mean creating prototypes and updating previous ideas. One class I’ve tried to run twice and am attempting for the third time is a papier-mâché creature shop class where children 8-12 would have a chance to design and produce their own creature with movable parts. The results could be quite sculptural, or like a rod puppet, be more mobile and animated.

With this criterion in mind I created a new creature for the display case at Place des Arts where the children could see the structure underneath such a project. Originally begun as a rabbit he morphed into a kangaroo(ish) and seems quite proud with how he’s coming along. The class numbers went from one to three in his first week in the case which is promising. Two weeks to go and I have my fingers crossed that we can meet my 6 student minimum to run the class.

Papier-Mâché Creature Shop

“Create a creature sculpture with workable moving parts, an expressive face, and it’s own unique personality. With a mishmash of materials, a few structural principals, and a lot of paper and glue you will build a creature of your own design (realistic or imaginary) from the inside out.”

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