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Under the Sea

A curiosity about the creative process is that I’ve discovered I have a sense of ‘age’ as I work. For example: the previous piece “Cameo Mermaid’ feels as if it’s created for those over 16 while this piece is for a younger audience or those young at heart.

This sense of age does a few wonky things to my creative process including; altering the choice of materials available for the work, the way I work, and the lack of concern for the resulting aesthetics. At the completion of such a project I have no idea if it ‘worked’ and am convinced that its success depends on the measure you use to judge it.

In “Under the Sea” I started with a leftover rice paper scroll from a class for 6-10 year olds and a jumble of bits on my table from other projects. Discarded words from my workshops on creativity were brought in in as well as these tacky foam shapes bought at a local dollar store. They would never have made their way unaltered into a ‘serious’ piece but here they are in all their artless glory. The whole piece continued on in this couldn’t-care-less vein which is its charm I think.

Looking at the finished work the first line of the song, “An Octopus’s Garden” by Ringo Starr, I’d like to be, under the sea… kept coming to mind and is how I settled on a final title for the banner.

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