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Cameo Mermaid

Lately mermaids have been the focus for my art doll works. This has not been a conscious decision but rather an intuitive one. What has been different is this piece (and one to be showcased in my next blog) is that they have become flatter; less 3d in form. This 2d relief style makes them more illustrative and works well for the mermaids. Now they are lighter and appear to ‘float’ and dwell in an environment as seen by the starfish in this cameo piece.

In the closeup you can see in her centre a star shaped space that holds a piece of beach glass, encased in copper netting with pearl beads stitched around the outside. I like how the centre is open though I have yet to figure out the best way to frame or mount the piece so that the light can shine through. I think a frame would be too rigid as flexibility and flow are important concepts for this piece.

It’s not uncommon for the logistics of displaying my work to be the biggest problem of the process.

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