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Bird Mask

For the past week I’ve been working on a prototype for an upcoming in-school project for a kindergarten class. I revised a design that I developed quite a few years ago where I use a modified plastic 6 ring holder as the template for a mask. I like how these pesky things can redeem themselves by being useful in an art piece.

Most of the masks I’ve made with kids in schools have been for older children (see Lynx mask September 12, 2010). This one is meant to be worn on the head by dancing five year olds whose inspiration for their performance will come from the book  “My Many Coloured Days” by Dr. Seuss.With this criteria in mind the design needed to be colourful, simplified, lightweight, and flexible. We’ll be attaching the mask to a hat band for this project but it’s a very comfortable mask to wear on the face as well.

The materials used include: plastic ring for the base, 1 ” strips of colourful papers, foam sheets (beak and eyes), glue sticks, glue, scissors and staplers.

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