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Purple Dragonfly with Green Wings

Here is the latest creation in my series on dragonflies. The wings for this fellow are made from a fibre mesh material that I bought at a craft supply store and then repainted with acrylics. After cutting out the shapes to fit the florist wire outline I stitched them in place and then coated them with acrylic medium to add shine and protection to the wings.

This new material creates a bold, colourful look that I like. I’m enjoying exploring new materials and seeing how far I can push the boundaries and still have a work that reads as a dragonfly.

The second image is of the dragonfly outside in a tree. My attempt at photographing my art in nature is a work in progress. The image doesn’t quite ‘work’ but it does help to inform my art work as I attempt to integrate my pieces back into the natural world that inspired them in the first place.

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