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Burnt Sienna Dragonfly

I’ve been creating dragonflies again in my studio and it’s become my way of waiting for warmer, drier weather to arrive.

The new dragonflies are variations on the ones that came before. I had a system that worked well but now I’m expanding the repertoire by varying the sizes and materials I use as well as experimenting with techniques. The main change at present is in the wings. Instead of painted lines this one has embroidered stitches on translucent papers, chosen for their shimmer to mimic the iridescence of a real dragonfly’s wing.

There is a subtle balance I’m trying to achieve by using fragile, delicate materials in contrast to the boldly stitched lines that hold it all together. Part of this is because of the reality of a dragonfly’s life.

Dragonflies spend most of their lives as nymphs; odd, inglorious, alien looking creatures that live in ponds. The creatures they become; agile, elegant, airborne, and magical contrasts mightily with their humble beginnings. It is all of the life cycle of a dragonfly that I wanted to have represented in this particular art piece.

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