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07 Mar

Yesterday was the last lesson for the winter session of Imagination Station for kids 3-5 years old at Place des Arts. A hodge-podge of art experiences; drawing, painting, printmaking… is at the heart of the class. Yesterday we created paper sculpture turtles.

For me, spending time with young children is a treasured experience, partly because their curiosity and spontaneity enlightens my own art practice. As teacher I feel my task is to come up with a project that they can succeed at and make it their own at the same time. We had 45 minutes for the activity so I had premade the circles for the feet and also had a helper for all the stapling required. The project was a huge success and a whole bunch of art turtles were bouncing their way out the door as class ended. A couple of younger brothers who came by to pick up older siblings left with bouncy turtles as well.

Today’s images show my prototype for the project and the materials needed: light weight cardboard (base), stiff art paper (3 different widths for feet, head, and shell), oil pastels, marker, stickers, pipe cleaner (tail), tape, and stapler (not shown).

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Posted by on March 7, 2012 in mixed media, papier mâchè


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