21 Feb

To create Precious I began with the word precious and what it means to me. Then I went into my cupboard and took out 2 small boxes of treasures given to me by a dear friend. I couldn’t remember exactly what was in them but would let the materials lead me. A small piece of coral and many pearl like beads worked well with my theme. Wanting to keep the process simple I used only the materials left on my side table which included fabric with a multicoloured fish pattern and a few red beads. I’m reading James Michener’s book Hawaii and in it he talks about the formation of the Islands and Pele, the goddess of volcanoes.  Having been to Hawaii recently the red bead for a head seemed appropriate. This piece was becoming autobiographical and a way to express my appreciation and concern for the Pacific ocean specifically. Serendipitously I also had a small papier mache sea turtle on the go which worked well for her to sit upon.

This description of the work sums up the process of intuitive doll making. It’s a bit like taking a walk without a specific destination in mind but enjoying all the walk has to offer.

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Posted by on February 21, 2012 in art dolls, mixed media


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