Wooly Mammoth: Part 2

27 Dec

In this image I have covered my cardboard shape with paper and glue. When it comes to which glue to use I’ve tried all kinds and it would take pages to talk about all my adventures in glue-land.  The intention for this particular piece is as an artwork not craft item which means I used acrylic mediums and gels (watered down) for my paste. That said, inside at the joints, I used a good quality white glue first and packed the cavities to create strength and stability in the core. Then I let it dry for 24 hours or more before adding the paper and acrylic medium.

For the under layer I chose a paper that my son had sent me from South Korea that has body (stiffness) to it but is very pliable when wet which makes it easy to work with. In this style of papier mâchè I use long, thin strips that I cover with the chosen glue and run my fingers along to push the glue into the fibres of the paper and then wrap it on to the shape in a mummy like fashion. This is often a disconcerting stage for adults but a lot of fun for kids. Personally I think papier mâchè is a wonderful ongoing project to do with kids because of all the adventures you can have with it.


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