Work in Progress

02 Jul

In the studio I’ve begun to recreate a 3d relief, papier mâchè  rhinoceros first created a few years back as a prototype for a grade 1/2 class. ( See Rhinoceros September 20, 2010) So far I am 6 hours into the project. (See Starfish, September 18, 2010 for the 5 steps involved)

First I drew and cut out the shape from a sturdy corrugated piece of cardboard and inserted bamboo skewers into the tubes of the cardboard to add strength and keep the base flat as I add glue. I’ve built up shapes with rolls of newspaper and more cardboard but was careful not to use masking tape in this project; glue only and made sure to dry completely before adding the next layer. The ‘skin’ layers that are now being added are 1 ply paper towel (I pull apart 2 ply) and this material makes for great rhino skin. The project will be on hiatus for a week or two but once I get back to it I hope to add a friend, an oxpecker bird, that is often seen on the back of the rhino in Africa. In Swahili their name means ‘the rhino’s guard’. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about symbiotic relationships and the addition of the bird will add to the narrative for the piece. Stay tuned for more pictures once the next stage is complete.

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