06 Jun

Celebrate is a piece that as I worked on her seemed to be going all wrong but came out so right. I had a vision with her and ended up closer to the idea of celebration than the image in my head. The ability to surprise and delight the maker is an aspect of intuitive doll making that I enjoy very much.

Celebrate is made of rainbow patterned cottons and ribbons woven together. Her centre is made of 2 prisms, one facing frontwards and one facing backwards, so the light can shine through. In this way she is a rainbow and creates rainbows as well. The 2 spiraling out centres on her are covered guitar strings, her head is an organza covered piece of amber, 2 colourful friendship bracelets hang from the circles and there are bells tucked in everywhere. She is a piece ahead of her time.

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Posted by on June 6, 2011 in art dolls


One response to “Celebrate

  1. Doreen Carr

    June 19, 2013 at 9:14 pm

    Your dolls are Lovely


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