Earth Angel

04 May

At present I’m rereading a book by Shaun Mcniff called Earth Angels; Engaging the Sacred in Everyday Things. The title of the book made me think of a piece I created some 15 years ago that now lives at my Mother’s place, called Earth Angel. Ever since I can remember the big purpose of creating art for me has been an attempt to bring together heaven and earth, to celebrate the sacred in ordinary things.

In the foreword to Shaun’s book, Earth Angels, Thomas Moore, author of Original Self and other books, says that in our quest for knowledge we have lost enchantment and the sense of the wonder of the world we live in. To this I say, Amen. For me the key is in what we treasure and why and to look again at the common things around us and to let ourselves be awed by life.

Doll as Treasure Keeper

The idea is to create a doll that embodies something we treasure. This notion of treasure goes farther than an object or possession to include all we hold dear. How do we build a doll around a moment in time, a feeling, a place? I have found that my intuitive, free form approach to creating art has certain advantages over the more traditional  techniques when it comes to representing the intangible.

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Posted by on May 4, 2011 in art dolls


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