Vasilisa and her doll

23 Mar

Vasilisa, one of the pieces in my show now on at Place des Arts, had her beginnings in a Russian folktale about a young maiden forced by a mean stepmother to go into the forest to confront the wild woman of the woods, Baba Yaga, to get fire for the home. Vasilisa is not alone though as she has her doll, a parting gift from her dying mother, to give her guidance and help when ever she needs it.

In her 1992 book, “Women who Run with the Wolves”, Clarrissa Pinkola Estés, describes the doll in the pocket as a metaphor for a woman’s intuition. When I first discovered the book several years ago I was already making dolls and my experiences resonated with what she wrote. I had stumbled into making dolls quite accidentally and found that by working intuitively I was enlightened both artistically and personally by what emerged.

I enjoy immensely this uncharted, artless approach to making art because it is fun and surprising. Like Vasilisa I have an overall goal of bringing light and wisdom into my life never knowing quite where I’m going or exactly how I’m to accomplish it all but trusting in the still, small voice that guides me there.

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Posted by on March 23, 2011 in art dolls


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