The Wind

05 Jan

As I straightened out my picture files over the last week I came across a few interesting pictures that I’ve forgotten about. One is of a sketch I did awhile ago of a papier mâchè piece I have in my house called “Wind”. Curiously I do not have a photograph (yet) of the actual piece, probably because it’s quite large, maybe 2 X 3 feet in size. When friends and acquaintances visit my studio they are always taken by the piece and it is interpreted often as sun or moon but seldom as wind. I remember as a teenager identifying with and being interested in the wind, this invisible element that makes itself visible through what it does; its affect on others.

In J. Ruth Gendler’s excellent book, “The Book of Qualities”, she starts off talking about the Wind as a wonderful storyteller. I identify with her take on the Wind and also her personification of Qualities which is similar to my visually poetic approach to creating Art and my use of descriptive words as a starting point in my doll making workshops. Checking out her website I noticed she has a newer book, “Notes on the Need for Beauty” that I didn’t know about and will need to look for as one of my reads for 2011.

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