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Tree in Brush Style

In the summer of 2007 I took a great watercolour course with Flemming Jorgensen at the Metchosin International Summer School of the Arts (MISSA). I’ve read that his nickname was ‘Maestro’ and it fits as he conducted you in such a way that he brought out the best in you. This tree painting of mine is an example of a technique he taught with random gesso strokes underneath, then the watercolour and more gesso thoughtfully added on top. There was a freedom of stroke with strong personality that his teaching style evoked and I rediscovered much about myself as an artist in those 5 days at MISSA with Flemming.

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Mother with Child

I found this image, of one of my favourite early works, tucked away on an old disk.  I created the piece in the early 1990’s when my youngest son was still a preschooler. It’s made of papier mache with a decoupage of fabric on it. As the mother of 3 I had wanted to created a piece that captured some of the wonder of the connection between mother and child. As the season of Advent for 2010 is well on it’s way this seemed a fitting image to post today.

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In the dictionary Providence is described as divine guidance or care. This piece was created during a day long, one on one, doll making workshop with a dear friend where much of our talk was about God’s presence in our life and what sustains us, keeps us going.  Providence is my visual interpretation about what feeds us, body and soul. Her backdrop is a stretched canvas that I sewed and painted onto and then added the figure on top.

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Dancer as Muse, Water

Here is the last of the first four pieces created from my dancer drawings. Like the rest I kept this one as light and unpolished as possible. The curvature in the arms and legs was to create a sense of fluidity; of being in the water. The base has sand from the Maritimes and a few bits of shell added as well. It was important to create a bit of environment without loosing the sense of movement in the form.

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Dancer as Muse, Fire

The 3rd in the ongoing series created from the dancer sketches from the summer. Fire was quite a surprise and I liked the spunky, over the top attitude caught in this piece. The face is created with a glass bead covered in organza and a spiderweb stitching across the back and works quite well to symbolize fire.

Posting “Fire” today seems apropos as tonight is the opening to the Leigh Square show, Celebration of Light (see poster below). Now that December has arrived I have work showing in 5 places in and around Vancouver. It has been a busy year.

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