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A Turtle’s Home is Her Castle

Today I went to “Christmas at Hycroft” an annual event put on at the home of the University Women’s Club of Vancouver.  It was my first time there and I asked about the history of the place. They told me that it was bought in 1964 but they had to raise the cash to buy it because at the time women were not allowed to procure a mortgage without a man’s signature.  I was rather stunned at that piece of history and it made me appreciate a little better what my Mom went though in her day.

In celebration of women in Canada being allowed their own mortgages I thought I’d post a picture of an earlier work that I’ve been thinking about lately, one of less than a dozen that I created for friends and family and this is one that I kept for myself. This wry, humorous, papier mâchè piece is small;  under 6″ in height. Though I haven’t made any turtles for awhile I have begun to work on an owl using the same techniques and images of the ancient Athenian owl as my inspiration.

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