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Community of Lights

Lately in my studio I am switching back and forth between my doll art and my painting on a daily basis and enjoying both modes of expression. There are subtle relationships between both and one connection is that I use the leftover paints on cotton cloth and then use the painted material in my doll works. “Air”, the previous post is an example of such a piece.

This afternoon I will be bringing two paintings to Port Coquitlam for their upcoming Art show, “Celebration of Lights”. This is one of the pieces I’ll be exhibiting. The impetus for this painting came from a picture I saw of women in ritual, each holding a candle in a dish. Having been part of a few candlelight services myself I used an abstraction of the event to convey both individuality and the necessity of community to create the beauty and celebration of such an event.

“The whole is more than the sum of its parts” quote by Aristotle.

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