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Beaded Seahorse

In the previous blog I described my trip to Monica’s and the small kit for the bead challenge I found there. I was so pleased with what was emerging in my doll that I went back and bought a second kit which eventually turned into this very petite, beaded seahorse.  It’s been almost a year now of making seahorses and I would say that this particular little fellow is a step closer on my quest to capturing the essence of a seahorse n my artwork. I found the beads especially helped as it gives a feeling of air bubbles and a bit of magic to the work.

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Desert Butterfly

It is remarkable how a chance encounter can alter the direction my art is going. In September, while visiting Palm Springs, CA, I happened upon an amazing fabric and bead store called Monica’s, one of the best I’ve ever seen. Besides the dazzling collection of fabrics and beads to choose from they had a bead challenge project going on. I was drawn to the little bag of cloth, beads, leather and assorted other things as I enjoy working with materials on hand to create my dolls. After a trip to a pipe store for pipe cleaners and a visit to a pharmacy for a needle and thread kit I was ready to begin.

She really is an artifact born out of my experiences of visiting Palm Springs for the first time. On a trip to Indian Canyon our guide told us about the lake beneath the desert floor and how the palms were like lilies drinking in the water. Other influences for the doll included the resident hummingbird at our complex and the amazing flowering cacti everywhere. A celebration of life in the desert really is what she’s all about.

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Pig in a Blanket

On the poster for this year’s Positively Petite exhibition is a picture of my entry from last year; my diminutive “Pig in a Blanket”.  This whimsical approach to papier mâche had it’s beginnings in the 1970’s when I still lived in the Maritimes. As a child my imagination often ran wild when listening to adults’ talk, especially when my Dad made us ‘pigs in a blanket’ for breakfast on a Saturday morning. Many Children’s nursery rhymes centered on little pigs as well and the theme worked its way into my psyche over the years. Originally I planned to create three; one for me and two of my sisters as a tribute to our early years in the ship building village we grew up in.

Whether I’ll make more in this genre time will tell as it’s an art form that emerges once in awhile, especially on nostalgic, winter days as a way of remembering my past.

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Positively Petite Exhibition

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Seahorse Party

One of my ongoing themes of 2010, which I return to again and again, is the seahorse. This group is for Place des Arts’ annual show, “Positively Petite”, at Place des Arts in Coquitlam, BC, November 18 to December 17, 2010.

I am calling this family of seahorse art pieces, “Seahorses of Every Hue” with names like “In the Pink”, “Seawood Green” and “Piebald Orange” as examples. It has been a very fun series to work on and a bit of a challenge as each piece is only 4.5” tall. I am hoping to add a few beads to each seahorse before next week to complete the festive ambiance of the work. The opening will be on Thursday November 18, 2010 from 7 to 9. I look forward to seeing a few of you there.

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The Ravine

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Seagull on Watch

Seagull picture #2, this painting is based on a photograph taken earlier in the month of a seagull on Vancouver Island, BC.  He was perfectly placed and seemed to almost glow against the backdrop of the dark trees behind him. I used acrylic gel as well in the picture to give texture to his feathers and the driftwood log on which he stands.

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