Action Figure

16 Sep

Action Figure Greek styleIn keeping with a September “Back to School” theme this image is of a proto-type for a grade 6 social studies project on Ancient Greece. A multi-leveled project, it started with the study of Greek art, especially the narrative, figurative work on vases and a bit about the Renaissance and Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian man which included connections to mathematics through the study of human proportions.The teacher had asked if I could design the figure larger than normal (12” high instead of 9”) and keep the joints movable. The final figures were dressed in traditional Greek clothing using white paper towel which worked well because of its flexibility.

After the original art project was complete the students attached magnets to the back of the figures as well as created various Greece themed backgrounds on a magnetized white board (temple, Parthenon…). They also wrote their own Greek style legends, had the figures act them out and then used stop animation to record the stories.

This was a great example of the teacher and students using the artist’s skills to their benefit and their own creativity in building on to the original idea after the artist had left the classroom.

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Posted by on September 16, 2010 in art dolls, papier mâchè


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