Fisher Woman

05 Sep

Fisher Woman is one of my storykeeper figures and after my trip to the Maritimes this summer she seems more autobiographical than ever.

To give a bit of context; on my Dad’s side there is branch of ancestors that comes from Newfoundland. My Grandfather Waddleton was born in Trepassey NL and though I was born in St. John’s NL by five my family had moved to a small ship building community in Nova Scotia. When I was thirteen we moved again this time outside Halifax. Many years of sea, ships and woodlands has left its mark on me and that’s the story I see coming out in this piece.

I will describe her and leave the deciphering to others. She wears a netted cap of copper mesh pulled together at the back with a three strand Celtic knot. Her face is an organza covered piece of amber with three beads of amber on her right shoulder. The fabric chosen has spirals peeking out everywhere with a dark piece of lace covering her shoulders like a shawl. Her arms cross over to give the feeling of peace and forbearance to her demeanor. In the windows or openings of the figure are many bells, beads, stones and trinkets; each treasure with its own story to tell.

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Posted by on September 5, 2010 in art dolls


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