Shoes on my Feet

01 Sep

Here is a close up of the piece “Wind in my Hair, Shoes on my Feet”. Completed several years ago I had a chance to see it again when visiting my Mom in the Maritimes. This part of the tapestry is a drawing/painting on canvas. It is from a picture of my Mom in the 1930’s, on a beach in Nova Scotia with her arms out wide as if flying but with shoes on her feet. This image held my attention for some time until I realized it to be an apt metaphor for my Mother’s life and to some degree, my own. Here is a free spirited little girl on a beach on a windy day and the convention of the time and/or family required her to keep her shoes on. So often shoes have been an issue for women throughout history and can be read as a symbol for personal limitations.

For the art piece I used a sepia like faded approach for the image to recreate the feeling of an old photograph. Then I accentuated the shoes by embroidering them. To the left is an old button with the image of a butterfly embossed in the metal to aid with the story I’m trying to tell.

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Posted by on September 1, 2010 in mixed media


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