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Study of a Starfish

This study of a starfish is one I did for a drawing class I taught with grades 5 & 6. Previously we had done blind contour, texture only and negative space drawings all the while focusing on a single object from nature. When it came time to create this drawing I realized I had left the starfish at class and only had the drawings to go from. That became liberating for me and I like how this study turned out.

“It’s on the strength of observation and reflection that one finds a way. So we must dig and delve unceasingly” quote by Claude Monet

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Cathedral Window

Leonardo da Vinci wrote in his journals about the geometry of trees. This picture, taken in South Carolina, is a good example of the geometric beauty to be found in nature.

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Dawn and Dusk

Dawn and Dusk, two of my latest seahorse creations.

In the wild seahorses mate for life. These two were being made at the same time and when they locked tails I realized I had a pair.

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Grandmother Prairie Chicken

Grandmother Priarie Chicken was created many years ago after a very unique dream. A few years later I did a drawing of her. It’s interesting how often I work backwards, with the figure first and the drawing second.

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Grandmother Prairie Chicken drawing

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Crocuses in the Light

It’s Spring in BC and a very different spring from the ones I knew in Alberta.

In Alberta spring can be a long time coming. Each year, in April, I would climb the hills overlooking the Bow river taking photographs of the crocuses there. Once the crocuses began to bloom I knew Winter was finally over. This picture of crocuses in the light is one of my favourites.

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