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Poppy Drawing

Last week I visited the VAG to see the drawings of Leonardo da Vinci; “The Mechanics of Man”. At first I was reading the information below the drawings and then stopped. Instead I spent every second I had with the drawings; to see and take in as much of their beauty as I could. After I felt a need to respond in an artistic way to the work.
One thing I am doing this week is to review some of my images in the light of his work. This photo of mine, for example, (see below) has the feel of a stretched out limb and a sense of isolated peace about it. How it relates to da Vinci is most probably purely subjective but an intriguing exercise none the less.
Another affect is that I’m returning to drawing solely with ink for awhile. The simplicity of materials helps to strengthen my style as well as the focus and composition aspects of my work. I’m being partially influenced by a set of drawings drawn while on location at Hollyhock’s Retreat Centre in 2004 where I used ink and a stick to draw the poppies in the garden there.

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Beauty and the Beach


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